Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround


One of the most frequent questions we receive from potential clients is about pricing, how much BIM modeling will cost. This question isn't easy to answer, and there are several things that you should take into consideration when evaluating the costs for a new BIM modelling project. I will try and highlight some of the common and crucial parameter that you should take into consideration while looking at the cost of the BIM project.

As a matter of fact, answer to this question is not so straight forward and can’t be addressed by simple mathematical equation. Procuring BIM services is much like buying a new home or a car. Which comes with a lot of options and price ranges due to possible variations.

Initial step is to decide on the service you need, as BIM is not just the computer aided 3D building model correlated with different trades. Each project has its own scale and complexity there is a big variety of scopes and tasks which can be completed for each project.

Up to RIBA stage 4 of the project , You can consider scopes of work like BIM Modeling and services coordination, Drawings from model and BIM Management among many others.

Although, it’s difficult to discover and account for each necessary detail which may or may not influence the BIM costs, still we can note down the features and discuss the effect of each on final price. Below are some of those attributes.



Your project's one-step BIM pricing strategy using smart BIM quotation.

Attributes to be highlighted


Time is the fundamental constraint of every project and even more crucial in technical work. Where similar milestones get more men hour and more skills as compared to other identical tasks. For example, time required to deliver ground floor might not be the same for 1st floor. The deadline and/or milestone for the project must be agreed in advance. Also, who will bear the cost for extra working hours to meet deadlines.

Use of BIM

When delivering the project with BIM, the level of detail (LOD) and information (LOI) plays a key role in the cost of the project. Normally it is requested by client while sometimes it’s recommended by BIM execution plan (BEP). LOD is simply to what level the detail required on geometry and information attached to it. LOD 400 will have more details and more time consuming as compared to LOD 200 BIM model. Higher the LOD level higher the prices.

Application of the Building

Modelling costs are highly varied with respect to the type of building. Large office building or warehouse with huge halls undoubtedly demands less efforts and time as compared to the medical facility or a factory with multiple assemblies and elements within it. Scope of the building helps the service provider to estimate correct time and skillset required.


BIM is crucial part of the project and most important decision for the project as it involves allocation to large amount resources. Quality of the model shall not be compromise, as its vital for the success of the project. Proper QA time should be allowed to ensure the highest quality of BIM deliverables.

BIM Coordination

One of the important uses of BIM is the coordination between disciplines, along with efficient and proper installation in the field. BIM coordinating facilitates the seamless collaboration between MEP services, structural and architectural models to assure clash free design and install. Clashes themselves can be soft or hard, clashes can be resolved by rearranging the services and require team of competent engineers to get rid of colliding parts. Such cases might increase the timeline of the project which in turn increase the cost on project.

Information in the key

Project information is the crucial aspect for BIM as it helps with costing the job properly. In fact, along with the prior knowledge and expertise, key project information is only other variable which plays a vital role is accurate costing.

How are projects quoted?

In general, you can expect different costing systems for BIM services as most of the consultants and companies have their own ways for pricing and can be categorized as:
Price per square area method
Per hour method
Lump sum method
Each scenario has its own pros and cons, but the attributes discussed above must be properly addressed out no matter what the pricing method is. Cost per square method is usually fixed while per hour method has a variation of 10-15% from the baseline hours used while estimating. Still, it is good method when you realized that it’s a balanced risk distribution where BIM service provider feels more comfortable as he will be compensated for extra work hours.

Lump sum method can be used in combination with above two scenarios and applied when limited information on project is available and client demands the rough estimate. Still, it’s the least recommended method owing to higher risk ratio unless until you are confident enough about the expertise of the BIM consultant.

Why some BIM projects are more expensive?

Cost variation on BIM project depends on number of factors, some of which are already discussed above. Along with those, more project area, complexity, number of building services also contribute to the cost of BIM model. Later modification in design of the building also contributes largely to cost increase.

Although number of revisions and number of drawing sheets provided by BIM provider are decided while signing the contract, increase in any of two might impact the overall cost on the model.
In case of hourly charged BIM services, any of these factor can increase the baseline hour to complete the project which in result increase the overall amount. According to the research, 20% of the total building cost is spent during design and construction phase while rest of 80% is expended during operation. BIM cost is insignificant as compared to the actual construction, so its highly recommendable not compromise the quality either during design or construction phases to get long lasting and efficient building.

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