BIM Clash Detection

BIM Outsourcing provides coordinated 3D BIM clash detection services, allowing our clients to preview and fix the possible problems before the project starts.

Our team undertakes clash detection using leading coordination software Autodesk Navisworks to ensure any coordination issue that would normally be found later on site, with a likely time and cost impact, can be resolved in office environment before any construction work starts.

All unresolved issues are highlighted in the Clash Detection Report and our team works with the client to resolve the conflicts before the construction stage.

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Detect and resolve all the services interfaces in the virtual environment

What is it?

An Essential Process in Recognizing and Resolving Conflicts in BIM

Construction process is challenging in itself, not to mention potential issues that can arise at any stage. The last thing you want is for a major flaw to find it’s way into final project documentation only to be discovered at the construction site.

We use BIM software and its 3D environment capabilities to search for and detect any inconsistencies and clashes in our models while we are still in the design phase, which guarantees we won’t have to resolve such issues on the construction site.
Running automated clash detection processes reduces manual time required to check the models, which not only assures that projects are more robust and error-free, but also saves time, lowering the overall construction costs of a project.

Clash detection also ensures we avoid any unnecessary delays prior to fabrication and thus minimize price overruns.
With BIM clash detection we can help you reduce the risk of human error and the amount of variations during construction.

Reduce chances of Rework to save time and lower the project cost

Project Visualization

By using BIM, you can plan and visualize the entire project during preconstruction, before the shovel hits the ground.

Clash Detection

BIM allows you to better coordinate trades and subcontractors, detecting any MEP, internal, or external clashes before construction begins.

Mitigated Risk

Better overview of the project before starting allows for more prefabrication and reduces waste on unused materials, among other benefits.

Increased Productivity

BIM data can be used to instantly generate production drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes.

Why BIM Outsourcing?

Outsource your 3D BIM project to us and let us share our expertise.
Cost Effective
Due to our streamlined modelling processes and innovative approach, we offer huge cost savings on BIM modelling to our clients.
Licenced Professionals
Our BIM consultants are expert users of Revit with numbers of years of experience gained on a large variety of projects.
cutting edge technology
We strive to solve problems and pair up the best technology solutions on every project. We utilize a combination of available software and proprietary tools to deliver results for our clients.
Focus on Customer
We are highly competent team with a goal to provide customer focused solution to the highest standards

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