Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

BIM Content Creation

We convert your products to Revit families
so you never lose a sale again

As more clients want BIM models of your products, you’ll want to get this right.


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How it works

Phase 1

We’ll tell you what you need to send us. It’s usually equipment specs, cutsheets and any other essentials.

Phase 2

Our qualified engineers get to work on modelling your products in Revit.

Phase 3

You get your products modelled in Revit as BIM objects, to your specifications.

“RIGOCAL Engineering commissioned BIM Outsourcing the detailed model of a machined steel component. The final product was delivered within the short project deadline and the quality fully satisfied our requirements. We really appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail of BIM Outsourcing.”

Alessandro Bedin
Director, RIGOCAL Engineering

Be ready for that call: 
Choose a UK BIM expert

Our team of UK-based BIM experts bring you the highest quality BIM models. Giving your products the best possible chance of being adopted by clients.

Work with us, and the next time you get an enquiry you’ll be ready with:

A 3D object library of all your products
An in-depth strategy to keep you ahead of the competition
Regular opportunities to update and add new products to your library
3D files that show different levels of detail (LOD) and levels of information (LOI) for different stages of a project

Let us help you with BIM content creation. Our team will bring you high-quality Revit families for all your products. So, you can stop missing out on sales.

I’m ready to get more sales

Read more about what BIM objects are.

Why choose us?

Years Experience
Projects completed
Faster Turnaround

You know how it feels to know you’ve missed out on a lucrative sale, right?

When a prospective client calls and asks: Do you have BIM Revit families for your products?

And you have to answer no.

They breezily tell you: “It’s fine. Never mind. Thanks anyway.” And they go call someone who does.

Not a great feeling is it?

You start to get the feeling you’re being left behind. That your competitors are racing ahead of you. And that you’re missing out on sale after sale.

Creating BIM objects for your products gives you peace of mind that you can say yes to those enquiries.

And you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on costly equipment and training.

In fact, you’ll find it’s much more cost effective to outsource your BIM requirements as and when you need to.

BIM is our bread and butter. We do it every day. Our experienced UK-based team takes the headache out of BIM content creation. Let us take that job off your hands.

Why do I need BIM content creation?

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) represents a ground-breaking digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

In 2011, the UK Government published plans to use BIM in all public construction projects.

Since then, the industry has responded rapidly towards adopting BIM on a large scale.

BIM uses digital technologies to more efficiently design, create and maintain all elements of a construction project.
With BIM, information is managed more effectively throughout project lifecycles through embedding key product and asset data in a 3D computer model.
BIM is now a mainstream process in a lot of new buildings and infrastructure.
With BIM, we create a co-ordinated digital description of every built asset in a project.
Our information rich 3D models and data help avoid costly issues with clashes during the construction phase.

Ready to save time and money?

Outsourcing your project to us means…

A cost effective, streamlined modelling process. Our clients save an average of 30% of the entire project cost by outsourcing BIM modelling to us.
Our engineers have decades of experience. And our robust QA processes mean highly accurate, quality results.
Our clients get the best results because we use the latest technology, software and tools. This, paired with regular training updates for our team means huge time and cost savings for you.
Communication is key to a successful project. You get regular updates from us. And we’re UK-based, so we’re available when you need us.

Let’s talk about how BIM Outsourcing can save you time and money

Email us at: [email protected]
Give us a call on: 01622 - 296277

Or fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

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