Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

BIM Virtual Reality

We create a realistic virtual walkthrough based on 3D BIM.

Take your VR goggles and experience your project in a virtual realm. This is an ultimate way to present a project to a client and visualize the final result with no overhead costs.

Our company has earned an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality 3D BIM services to the building services industry.

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Taking 3D BIM Visualization
to the next level

what is it?

next level of user experience

Combining latest virtual reality hardware and software with BIM models allows clients to view a VR model of a building plan, which can be anything – from a basic floor plan of a parking lot to a complete model of a private house, hotel, factory or a hospital.

Buildings can be also placed around certain objects, which means that clients can utilize the full power of VR to get an idea of what a finished product will look like. But it doesn’t end here. VR models also serve to show modifications during the construction phase, and they offer a new means for decorating an interior of a building.
Instead to rendering a series of images to be able to look at models from different angles, per say, in VR all you have to do is just move your head or point a cursor. VR models can feature a live connection between the VR application and the BIM models, so there’s no data export or conversion process.

But VR presentations are more than just a great user experience. Real-life applications can go far beyond interactive presentations. For instance, by comparing emergency routes on paper with the actual travel times and distances experienced using VR models, fire brigades can validate their emergency routings in the case of fire.

Personalize client experience and receive unique feedback

Project Visualization

By using BIM, you can plan and visualize the entire project during preconstruction, before the shovel hits the ground.

Clash Detection

BIM allows you to better coordinate trades and subcontractors, detecting any MEP, internal, or external clashes before construction begins.

Design Flexibility

Allows easy simulation of various design parameters through simple input changes, Enables seamless coordination among stakeholders at design stage.

Mitigated Risk

Better overview of the project before starting allows for more prefabrication and reduces waste on unused materials, among other benefits.

Increased Productivity

BIM data can be used to instantly generate production drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes.


Drawings produced from the 3D BIM model are coordinated and accurate. Hence improving the quality of construction deliverables.

Why BIM Outsourcing?

Outsource your 3D BIM project to us and let us share our expertise.
Cost Effective
Due to our streamlined modelling processes and innovative approach, we offer huge cost savings on BIM modelling to our clients.
Our team of Engineers have over 20 years of experience and our robust quality control procedures ensure highest quality deliverables.
cutting edge technology
We strive to solve problems and pair up the best technology solutions on every project. We utilize a combination of available software and proprietary tools to deliver results for our clients.
Focus on Customer
We are highly competent team with a goal to provide customer focused solution to the highest standards

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