Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

Competitively priced BIM Modelling / Guaranteed quality / Fast turnaround

Do You Know What To Look For When Selecting A BIM Outsourcing Partner?

Written by BIM Outsourcing
December 8, 2021

Do you know what to look for when selecting a BIM Outsourcing partner? If not, don’t worry; we’re here to help you through it! To choose the right BIM outsourcing partner, follow these tips. If you do, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect partner. They will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

How long have they been in business

This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it is an indicator of how much experience they have. If they’ve been in business for less than three years, then there’s a good chance they aren’t that established. Only seek out outsourcing partners with at least three years of experience to ensure you get reliable service. Are they affiliated with any major industry organizations: There are many trade groups and professional associations focused on a wide range of disciplines; companies that make a point to be involved in them (by offering discounts or complimentary memberships) are likely more professional. Organizations like BSI or local chapter affiliates provide support and information. This can helps companies keep up with emerging trends and workflows so if your potential partner has expertise here, consider them more closely.

What kind of track record do they have?

Looking at BIM Outsoucing partner is a great way to find out if they can do what you need done. Do they have experience with projects similar to yours? Have they been successful in your area of business (for example, construction or manufacturing)? Do they have a good reputation amongst other businesses and industry leaders? These are all things you should be looking for. If they don’t meet some of these criteria, you might want to keep searching. The best BIM outsourcing partners have strong references and portfolios that include examples similar to yours.

Check out their past projects, look at their website, their past client reviews, but the best thing to do is - speak to their team on an initial consultation call.

Bimoutsourcing project

Who are the key people on the team, what is their background and experience?

Who is on your team is just as important as what they do. The people on the team will be working closely with you and will represent you to your clients. Make sure they are well trained, well groomed, professional and courteous. Do not make rash decisions when choosing a BIM Outsourcing partner, take your time and interview several different companies before making a final decision. Conduct in-person interviews if possible so that you can meet their staff in person. If possible, also check references from past or current clients. Your first choice may not always work out because of scheduling conflicts or other unforeseen circumstances, so it’s good to have several backups lined up for whenever that situation happens.

Heating systems - Bim project

How do they structure their teams, who do they need on site and who remotely works with them

It’s imperative to find out what works best for you and make sure you have everything clearly in writing when selecting a BIM outsourcing partner. Sometimes working with an overseas team can be tough so you’ll want to make sure they have a physical office somewhere that they work from and that there are people in your area to keep tabs on if you require on-site support. It would also be helpful to know if their UK office is located anywhere close to you or whether it will be more convenient for someone else to come to your project site if necessary. Asking these questions up front will prevent any confusion down the road and help ensure you end up with a BIM outsourcing partner who knows how to address problems as they arise, not weeks later once things have gotten too far out of hand.

How many different types of projects have they worked on

Different companies have different levels of expertise, which is why it’s crucial to find a partner who has experience with your specific industry. Does their portfolio contain projects similar to yours? If not, don’t worry—simply move on and search for another company that can help you realize your vision. Has your BIM outsourcing partner worked within your budget: Your budget should be a critical consideration when choosing an outsourcing firm.

Ventilation system of BIM project

How large are those projects, how many buildings did they complete and what was the total value

Just like in software development, developers with experience are going to be more valuable to you than those without. Make sure that they’ve worked on similar sized projects before and that they have references. If they don’t have any, it might not be a good idea to go with them. It doesn’t matter if their portfolio is full of high-end projects from big brands if you need smaller ones for your project.

How fast can they get up to speed with your project team, how quickly will you be able to start working together once you hire them

There are a number of factors that determine how fast a team can start working on your project. Make sure you ask them these questions to find out if they’re going to be able to hit ground running. After speaking with them, do you feel like they will get up to speed quickly? No matter what, it should always take longer than anyone wants for any outsourcing partner to fully assimilate into your organization. The important thing is whether or not there are processes in place. Which will ensure smooth communication between those outside of your core team and those who have been intimately involved in preparing for Project

Does their technology stack suit your needs (Bim Authoring Software, Revit etc.)

Finding a good BIM outsourcing partner is no easy task. Not only will you have to consider their location. But also how they stack up against your CAD and project management software requirements. If they don’t use AutoCAD then maybe it’s not a good idea to choose them as your BIM partner. It is important that you speak with an expert before hand and find out what software they use.

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